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Started in 2016, DrakeU.com is a website dedicated to Maxwell Alexander Drake's creative writing training platform. Here you will find his creative writing training books and CDs, as well as free handouts for all of his classes.

Drake's history

  • Drake has published numerous short stories in a variety of science fiction and fantasy anthologies.

  • Drake begun seriously pursuing a career as a full-time writer.

  • Drake's first novel, Farmers & Mercenaries, was published by a small press, Imagined Interprises, Inc. This book has won several awards, including a Moonbeam Young Adult award for Excellence in Fantasy Literature and being named Dragonroots Magazines' Best New Fantasy Saga of 2009.

  • Drake began professionally teaching creative writing at large fan events such as Comic Con San Diego and Gen Con Indianapolis. He was also contracted to teach monthly creative writing classes by the Clark County Library District in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Drake's second novel, Mortals & Deities, was published by Imagined Interprises, Inc. It won another Moonbeam Young Adult award for Excellence in Fantasy Literature.

  • Drake took a position with Sony as the Lead Fiction Writer for a 650 million dollar budget game titled EverQuest Next.

  • Drake did a graphic novel project with famed illustrator Larry Elmore titled SnarfQuest.

  • Drake's first story for the Shadowrun game franchise was published by Catalyst.

  • Drake released his first book on creative writing titled Drake's Brutal Writing Advice - Dynamic Story Creation in plain English.

Interact with Drake

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Meet our team

Maxwell Alexander Drake

The man, the myth, the legend.

Buzz Clore

Buzz has been Drake's business manager and confidant since 2012. He's instrumental in organizing and managing all the moving elements of Drake's career.

Stephan McLeroy

Stephan started working as Drake's Project Coordinator in 2015. While keeping track of Drake's schedule is a full-time job, Stephan also handles all Social Media responsibilities.