Testimonials about Drake as a Presenter

  • Marc Tassin

    Director - Gen Con Writer's Symposium

    Maxwell Alexander Drake's educational seminars for writers are exceptional. As the director of the Gen Con Writer's Symposium, I've received significant positive feedback from guests about the value of his programming. Even without that direct feedback, I have ample evidence from the fact that Mr. Drake achieves attendance figures every year that are on par with events featuring our biggest name guests. I believe that the secret to Mr. Drake's success are his well-planned, carefully thought out presentations that focus on practical advice but delivered in an easily consumable format. Guests leave his events energized and educated—the perfect combination to help an author achieve success.

  • Kelly Swails

    Author Coordinator - Origins Game Fair

    Drake is great at conventions. He's personable, knowledgeable, and loves to teach. He has a great work ethic and I enjoy having him as part of the Origins Library.

  • Eli Jackson

    Director - Authors Combat Academy

    Working with Drake was a great experience. He’s responsive, open to students, and fun, too. After seeing him teach at several different conferences, we invited him to be an expert at Authors Combat Academy. He was one of our highest ranked presenters (from our student survey.) He’s always professional. Drake clearly enjoys teaching and he has so much to offer. We’ve invited him back for a second year and are looking forward to having him again. If you get the opportunity to have him at your conference or to take one of his classes, grab it. You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic presenter.

  • Trish Cobb

    Coordinator - KABAM! Fest

    Each year that Mr. Drake has participated in our book festival, he has been a delight to work with and attendees very much enjoyed his presentations. “Drake,” as we call him, has always been a great asset to our festival.

  • Chris Kovach

    Librarian - Clark County Library District

    Drake has been great to work with the past 5 years! He is fun and friendly and the patrons really love his writing program!

  • Bobbie Ann Howell

    Coordinator - Vegas Valley Book Festival

    Maxwell has always been willing ready to participate and has been generous with his time and knowledge. He has been easy to work with and follows through on his commitments.

What Students Say About Drake's Teaching

James Blumling III

I just wanted to say thank you for the great panels at Comic-Con. I greatly appreciate the candid information and realistic perspective you provided in your talks.

Linda Kao

I attended your Friday creative writing classes at the Comic Con and just wanted to say thank you. It was a lot of great information delivered in a fun and interesting way. Your class is one of reasons I'll be back again next year -- seems there are gems among the crowds and craziness!

Aishath Nasir

@MaxwellADrake was a real pleasure, six hours of invaluable tips and advice.

Tim Morley

Learning a lot of great stuff about creating stories from @MaxwellADrake's classes. Can't wait to get home and write tonight :)

Victoria Raschke

Sorting all my notes from Authors Combat Academy. Thank you Author Maxwell Alexander Drake for an informative and fun weekend.

Corey Sierra

Great class, Maxwell demonstrated his knowlege as a writer and it is obvious that he put effort into the presentation. I was especially pleased with his willingness to stay late and answer my own as well as many others individual questions.

Allen Dusk

@MaxwellADrake Your panels are inspiring to the novice and reaffirming to the semi-pro. Thank you!