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My Vision

My vision is simple, to make better stories, one writer at a time.

Hi, my name is Maxwell Alexander Drake, or “Drake.” As an award-winning, traditionally published author and regular convention presenter, I have taught creative writing for nearly two decades spanning the globe from San Diego, California to Saudi Arabia.

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Since my beginnings as a writer, the content market has changed dramatically. Never before have so many people tried to become published authors—which is an awesome thing! At no time has it been easier for people to have their writing published! Great isn’t it! And at no time in history have so many published (self or otherwise) been published, without the education or skill to write!

Writing is sacred to me. It’s not easy to do well, no matter what you’ve been told. So the present state of the publishing industry troubles and frustrates my heart.

It takes time and effort to become a really good writer. So I’ve developed DrakeU.com and Drake’s Brutal Writing Series to help writers become more dynamic, better-selling authors.

My goal is to help others understand how to make well-crafted stories that readers want to buy and read. Because, let’s face it—in the end if you write something, but no one enjoys reading it—what’s the point? And as Lisa puts it, a stronger story narrative that targets the reader’s expectations as a customer, makes marketing a SNAP.

Together, we bring nearly four decades of publishing industry experience.

If you are an aspiring writer, or you want to master your craft, you’re in the right place.


Maxwell Alexander “Drake”

And then there was deux.

A quick shout out to my new partner, Erik-Hombre Gudowski, and TouchPoint Orange for joining me on this journey to help writers write more creatively. We both wish you a long and prosperous adventure into a world only you can create.