Have you ever wished you could spend a few hours with a professional writer, someone who’s worked in the industry for decades, and ask them questions?

Well now you can!

Monthly Zoom

On the first Monday of every month (mostly), award-winning novelist and former Lead Fiction Writer for Sony’s EverQuest Next invites you to join him in an open Zoom session. During this two-hour online video discussion, Drake will answer questions, give insights into the process of story creation, and perhaps even teach about a writing topic or two.

Drake has taught over a hundred thousand students so far and he's sharing some tips live on his next zoom.

This is an invite only meeting, so to secure your spot, fill out the form below and you’ll be send the Zoom link for the next meeting!

Open Q&A
Zoom for 2 Hours with Drake Monday, May 6th, at 5:30p Pacific Time / 8:30p EST

When you sign up we will send you a live link on the day of the event.

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Drake’s Brutal Writing Advice

Dynamic Story Creation in Plain English

The first book of the Drake's Brutal Writing Advice series, Dynamic Story Creation in Plain English takes an in depth look at the code behind stories. From Theme, Motifs, and Allegories, to Reversals, the Cycle of a Protagonist, and Fulfilling a Reader's Emotional Needs, this book has it all. Everything you need to understand the basics of what makes a story enjoyable to read. It's yummy writing advice brutally served inside a warm slice of slightly-offensive humble pie!

Drake’s Brutal Writing Advice

Better Writing Through Stronger Narrative

Does your narrative stall your action? Have you chosen the right point of view for your novel? Well, let me help you with that. Point of View is more than just choosing between first person, second person, and third person. It’s about crafting the perfect narrative drive behind your words so readers crave more. Get ready for an in-depth look at Point of View and all it means. You’ll learn about Narrators, Level of Awareness, First, Second, and Third Person, compelling Prose, and more. Point of View covers the tricky and often misunderstood beast that is Narrative (which is so much more than just Point of View) in full detail. It's yummy writing advice served inside a warm slice of slightly-offensive pie.