Join authors Drake and Marie each week as they tackle another writing topic... or chase a bunch of interesting story rabbits.

Release Your
Inner Dragon

Welcome to Releasing Your Inner Dragon where story creators talk about story creation! Hosted by Maxwell Alexander Drake and Marie M. Mullany.


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Fantasy Writing - Should you write a villain POV?

Join Drake and Marie as they discuss villain POVs, why people do them, when they work and when they fail.

Creating tent poles for a story - Magic Falls

Join Drake and Marie as they discuss plotting out the tent poles you need to hold up the canvas of your story. This continues the story creation process of the new novel.

How to start a sentence and why it matters

Join Drake and Marie as they discuss the complexities of how to start a sentence, why you should vary how you start a sentence and various other grammar complexities!

Allegories, Symbology and Lamp shading

Join Drake and Marie as they wander between the garden of tropes and the alluring wildlands that is an allegory for the imagination of the symbolic writer.

Getting started with a novel - magic falls

Join Drake and Marie as they discuss starting a new book and world by using an example. Check out the process of world building and plot discovery in action.