Dynamic Story Creation in Plain English

The first book of the Drake's Brutal Writing Advice series, Dynamic Story Creation in Plain English takes an in depth look at the code behind stories.

Better Writing through Stronger Narrative

Does your narrative stall your action? Have you chosen the right point of view for your novel? Well, let me help you with that.


Writing Courses & Consulting

Professional Creative Writing Coach

Writer's block is a distressing experience where a writer is unable to generate new ideas or continue working on a piece. This can lead to frustration, self-doubt, and a lack of motivation. A creative writing coach can help a writer overcome writer's block by providing new perspectives, brainstorming techniques, and strategies to regain their creative flow.

Strong Story Narratives for Writers & Authors

Stronger Story Narratives for Writers and Authors is an introductory or foundational course designed for storytellers of all kinds. Whether you're an old crusty scriptwriter or a burgeoning new student of creative writing, Drake will deliver concepts in a remarkable way that every writer will benefit from.

Filter the Rot Inside Your Story

Filtering is a term that many writers have never even heard of, which is a shame, because working it out of your story is easy, and it enhances the enjoyment of your readers.

Join Award-Winning Author and former Lead Fiction Writer for Sony's EverQuest Next as he unmasks this hidden rot.

Show, Don't Tell Basics

Introducing the ultimate solution to becoming a master storyteller! Have you ever struggled with the concept of "Show, don't Tell" in your writing? Well, fear not! Our exclusive video lecture featuring the esteemed writer and instructor, Maxwell Alexander Drake, is here to help you unlock the secrets of this complex topic.

Self-Editing Tips

Are you struggling with editing your own work to a professional standard? Do you want to take your writing to the next level and achieve your publishing dreams? Look no further than our expert instructor, Maxwell Alexander Drake, and his top tips for editing your own writing.