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Writing Is...

Writing Is Hard
Writing Well Is Harder
Writing Is Heart-Wrenching
Writing Is Soul-Destroying
Writing is Time-Consuming
Writing Is Lonely
Writing Is A Self-Inflicted Injury
Writing Is Wallowing In Misery

How Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact Your Writing?

AI is changing the world and Drake will help make it work for you!

AI Will Impact The Way Writers Work
It's too early to tell the impact AI will ultimately have, but Drake has been exploring ways to leverage technology to help you write stronger and faster. AI can help you enhance writer productivity and generate new ideas. It can help improve your editing and proofreading. AI can become your personalized writing assistant and collaborator. AI is a new technology, but we can make it work together for you.


Three Painful Reasons Why A Writer May Seek My Assistance

You May Not Be Struggling Now, But I'm Here When You Need A Boost!

The Crippling Effect of Writer's Block
Writer's block is a distressing experience where a writer is unable to generate new ideas or continue working on a piece. This can lead to frustration, self-doubt, and a lack of motivation. A creative writing coach can help a writer overcome writer's block by providing new perspectives, brainstorming techniques, and strategies to regain their creative flow. I've been there; I get it; let's do this together.

Fear of Rejection or Criticism
Many writers are highly sensitive to criticism and may be afraid of sharing their work with others. This fear can become debilitating and prevent a writer from pursuing publication or even completing a project. A creative writing coach can help a writer develop resilience to criticism, build confidence in their abilities, and learn to view feedback as an opportunity for growth. I can help!

Struggling With Structure and Organization
Writers may have difficulty structuring their stories, organizing their thoughts, or finding the right narrative arc. This can lead to confusion and frustration, as well as a sense of inadequacy in their skills. A creative writing coach can assist in developing techniques for outlining, organizing, and structuring a story, helping the writer create a more cohesive and engaging work. Coaching is great for this.

What Fears Of Being A Writer Are You Carrying Everyday?

Fear of Rejection
Fear of Not Being Good Enough
Fear of Being Too Young, Or Too Old
Fear of Embarrassment
Fear of Criticism
Fear of Success
Fear of Inadequacy

It's A Heavy Burden To Carry Alone.

Drake Teaches Creative Writing, But Why Listen?

Professionals to Students Ask This Question All The Time! And Here Is What I Tell Them.

Over 10,000 Hours Of Teaching Creative Writing

Over 15 Years Of Seminars, Panels, and Talks
(e.g. ComicCon's, LTUE, 20 Books Vegas, etc.)

Taught Over 50,000 "Student" Writers

Impacted Over A Million Writers (give or take) World-Wide

Award-Winning Author and Over 30 Years of Writing

Cancer Survivor.
Husband and Father.


Thoughts of a MadMan

I WOULD LOVE TO SAY that I am no longer a struggling writer. But the truth is, being a writer is always a struggle.

A guide, a teacher, a mentor, coach, family, friends, and the DrakeU community can help you when the struggle becomes unbearable.

Learning a new perspective on things you know so well already can free your writing and help you grow - this book will guide you for years to come.

Thoughts of a MadMan

Director - Gen Con Writer's Symposium
Maxwell Alexander Drake's educational seminars for writers are exceptional. As the director of the Gen Con Writer's Symposium, I've received significant positive feedback from guests about the value of his programming. Even without that direct feedback, I have ample evidence from the fact that Mr. Drake achieves attendance figures every year that are on par with events featuring our biggest name guests. I believe that the secret to Mr. Drake's success are his well-planned, carefully thought out presentations that focus on practical advice but delivered in an easily consumable format. Guests leave his events energized and educated—the perfect combination to help an author achieve success.”

Director - Authors Combat Academy
Working with Drake was a great experience. He’s responsive, open to students, and fun, too. After seeing him teach at several different conferences, we invited him to be an expert at Authors Combat Academy. He was one of our highest ranked presenters (from our student survey.) He’s always professional. Drake clearly enjoys teaching and he has so much to offer. We’ve invited him back for a second year and are looking forward to having him again. If you get the opportunity to have him at your conference or to take one of his classes, grab it. You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic presenter.”

Coordinator - KABAM! Fest
Each year that Mr. Drake has participated in our book festival, he has been a delight to work with and attendees very much enjoyed his presentations. “Drake,” as we call him, has always been a great asset to our festival.”

What Are Students Saying?

"I never truly understood what a Theme was until I read this book. Drake breaks it down in a way that's simple for anyone to understand."

"Drake explains how to use your theme to write your story in such an easy way, I finally understand how to thread it in without ever mentioning my theme."

"This book showing me how to use the theme to connect the elements of my story has been invaluable to my ability to create compelling stories."

"Understanding Theme the way Drake breaks it down has meant I can consistently create compelling stories one after the other."

"Understanding how I need to think as a professional storyteller has really helped me focus on getting to the end of my story."

In the beginning, middle, and end, writing can be glorious.
Thousands of writers pack event halls and leave excited and energized every time Drake speaks.
Don't Carry The Burden Of Writing Alone.
Join the DrakeU Community Journey To Write Stronger – Right Now!